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The Time Traveler: By Jude Downs

Location: Narita, Japan

Date: 081819 - 12:06am

The week before school started, I took a trip to Japan with my dad for the weekend. I know, crazy, right?!

Back Story: Basically, I am able to go on trips with my dad, who is an airline pilot. I can stay in the same hotels and ride the same buses. He told me that he will no longer be going to Narita because his plane he will be checked out on not be flying there. I have always wanted to go to Japan and I thought this was as perfect opportunity to spend this possibly, emotional trip with my dad. Anyways, I fly standby, so, every time I am at the airport, I pray that there is an open seat for me to take. Oh, and also, this was our first trip together, without my mom and my sister.

Story Time:

Japan is 13 hours ahead of my body's internal clock. That means, when it was 7am in Japan and the town is waking up, my body wanted to get some dinner and start heading to bed. That also means, that I was up since 2am, because really, it was 2pm body time. Let me just say that jet lag is REAL! I departed from Japan at 4:30pm on Sunday. I spent 13 hours on that airplane, with the same people, same clothes, same everything. I landed in ATL at 4:15pm, Sunday. It felt as if I woke up Sunday, then was suspended in space for 13 hours on an invisible time line, all to continue my Sunday, 15 min earlier than when I stepped foot on that plane. I stayed up until midnight so that I could say that my Sunday was 36 hours. Now, I am not going to say that I physically time travelled from ATL to NRT. But I did question if one can time travel mentally, using different cultures, time zones, emotions, and interactions as the means to transport one's self.

I believe that time travel exists today. When people travel on airplanes, they are able to use their cell phones above 10,000 feet. I was able to communicate with someone that was living in another country, another time zone, and I was able to share thoughts, emotions, and words to that person. Emotionally, I was there, in a physical energy for that person. Through the animation bubbles that appear when someone is typing something on iMessage, the receiver is able to physically see the presents and actions of that person. They are able to see the energy presents of that person through the bubbles.

Technology has come a long way, even sense I was a kid. I just turned 21 the 3rd of September, so even in the early 2000s, technology was not what it is today. Through technology, we are able to unlock ideas and gates into worlds unknown, such as time travel. We have the ability to virtually talk to someone, while seeing their face and what is going on in their life. Hologram video will probably come to market sooner than later and that could be the catalyst needed to time travel. However, we have seen ways technology can be used for evil, such as foreign companies sharing our personal data without our knowledge. I believe there will come a time when technology act like Kudzu. Suffocating societies and drowning our individual voices, diluting our society's creativity and inspiration, due to personalized adds influencing user's behavior based on their own personal needs and morals. We, as a society, are being fed with ideas, music, and videos, that influence the way we talk, think, and act in society. Even without us knowing it! There must be a way to balance the ingenuity and widespread of technology, while giving those effected by this issue a means of safety and independence.

So, I will leave a question.

Can you time travel?

I can.

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